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The connection between a drummer and a tenor voice who seem to be very different from each other gives birth to an innovative project which has rarely been done before. Ezio Zaccagnini's rhythmical intuition pays tribute to traditional Neapolitan songs by respectfully developing the repertoire of the great Neapolitan music tradition. In order to make this project possible, the great musical experiences and background of the tenor Massimiliano Drapello, which go from classical to pop music, allow to develop and rearrange masterpieces from the Neapolitan repertoire in a very unique and enthusiastic way of expression.

Nevertheless, this project does not only limit to explore and cover Neapolitan songs; Ezio Zaccagnini and Marco Adami's arrangements lead the listener into a musical trip around the world by mixing many different musical influences from various world cultures.

Beyond the artistic connection, a real friendship has been established between both players, which breaks down the barriers of professional collaborations in order to leave space to a better communication and interaction between Ezio and Massimiliano. This is greatly illustrated during their shows where the listener is kept entertained by the artists' different ways of expressing their views on different aspects of life. Have a good time!

Zac in Progress



It all derives from the attitude of one who Cyclops-effort-like kicked off and carries on this project. The standard-bearer is Ezio Zaccagnini, nationally acclaimed drummer; you might think about a rhythmic, virtuous and acrobatic project and that would be a mistake, because "Zac In Progress" is an unusual show format, which anyone who wants to do a show would at first glance exclude. Imagine a performance always different in characters and content, nonetheless always in a precise structure, designed and tested, ready to be changed up to 5 minutes before going on stage. Not only music (in all its completion) but also theater, dance, poetry, comedy, tradition, research, innovation and talent. Talent so varied that combines qualities of professionals and young talents. The result? A show always different (extremely different) from the one that preceded it.

Ezio Zaccagnini Drums
Bob Masala Bass 
Claudio "Chato" Pizzale o Eric Daniel Sax
Edoardo Petretti o Claudio Junior Bielli Piano keyboards

Tree Gees


We all celebrate the Bee Gees as one of the greatest pop music phenomenon of all time!

The Brothers Gibbs’ vocal and writing talent has given them a very long career – 40 years of bright successes with some dark moments as well. It’s actually this combination of good times and bad times that made their success so big, and even today, they can be considered second only to the Beatles. Their music has been constantly reinvented throughout the years, while maintaining the same freshness and style that has inspired many artists.

As a tribute band, rather than concentrating on the physical emulation of Barry, Robin and Maurice (that can be quite awkward sometimes!) the Tree Gees designed their show to deliver a perfect presentation of the glamour, spirit and style of the real Bee Gees, faithfully playing all their greatest hits. They captured the soul of their music, hypnotizing their audience and bringing them back to that unique atmosphere of the second half of the 70s!

A fortunate coincidence saw the Tree Gees’ first gig held on the 14th November 1997, the same day the Bee Gees recorded One Night Only, their last live album. The band is composed of a group of friends, all professional musicians, who decided to explore the mysteries of being part of a tribute band, while touring with one of the sacred names of the Italian music. Since the 14th November 1997, the band of Alex Sammarini ( who played Robin Gibb in the Italian version of the stage adaptation of Saturday Night Fever ) has gained high praise and recognition across Italy and Europe, and is now ready to walk the boards of the world…

Trio Italiano

trio italiano

A whole new show, in which the theatrical element fits perfectly to the purely musical. A journey in music through forty years old best Italian music to relive our history.

TRIO ITALIANO’ s show is a rare tribute to the most famous italian songs known worldwide, such as "Figli delle Stelle", "Gloria", Nel cielo dipinto di blu"Volare", L’Italiano, Azzurro" and many others.
Musical and Theatrical elements meet each other giving the listener an unique performance.

The ZIP & Zappis band



The quartet Drums Bass Guitars and Voice offer a repertory of pop rock soul pieces, reinterpreted and rearranged with this band The concert lineup includes songs:

Peter Gabriel
Tracy Chapman
Youssou n'Dour
Pat Metheny
David Bowie
Talking Heads
Blue Nile
Marvin Gaye
Jonny Clegg
Bob Marley
Roxy Music
Simple Minds
and others

The ZIP & Zappis band members are:

Ezio Zaccagnini Drums
Bob Masala Bass 
Al Bochicchio Guitar
Zappis vox







Peppone canta De Andrè

project peppone

La Band, nasce alla fine del 2012, dall'idea e dalla voglia di portare in giro e diffondere la musica di un grande poeta e cantautore italiano, come Fabrizio De Andrè. ..



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