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The connection between a drummer and a tenor voice who seem to be very different from each other gives birth to an innovative project which has rarely been done before. Ezio Zaccagnini's rhythmical intuition pays tribute to traditional Neapolitan songs by respectfully developing the repertoire of the great Neapolitan music tradition. In order to make this project possible, the great musical experiences and background of the tenor Massimiliano Drapello, which go from classical to pop music, allow to develop and rearrange masterpieces from the Neapolitan repertoire in a very unique and enthusiastic way of expression.

Nevertheless, this project does not only limit to explore and cover Neapolitan songs; Ezio Zaccagnini and Marco Adami's arrangements lead the listener into a musical trip around the world by mixing many different musical influences from various world cultures.

Beyond the artistic connection, a real friendship has been established between both players, which breaks down the barriers of professional collaborations in order to leave space to a better communication and interaction between Ezio and Massimiliano. This is greatly illustrated during their shows where the listener is kept entertained by the artists' different ways of expressing their views on different aspects of life. Have a good time!


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