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It all derives from the attitude of one who Cyclops-effort-like kicked off and carries on this project. The standard-bearer is Ezio Zaccagnini, nationally acclaimed drummer; you might think about a rhythmic, virtuous and acrobatic project and that would be a mistake, because "Zac In Progress" is an unusual show format, which anyone who wants to do a show would at first glance exclude. Imagine a performance always different in characters and content, nonetheless always in a precise structure, designed and tested, ready to be changed up to 5 minutes before going on stage. Not only music (in all its completion) but also theater, dance, poetry, comedy, tradition, research, innovation and talent. Talent so varied that combines qualities of professionals and young talents. The result? A show always different (extremely different) from the one that preceded it.

Ezio Zaccagnini Drums
Bob Masala Bass 
Claudio "Chato" Pizzale o Eric Daniel Sax
Edoardo Petretti o Claudio Junior Bielli Piano keyboards


Lives, recording studio sessions, drum masterclasses, private lessons, musical productions

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